Welcome to my blog! My name is Dom and I write ''Poppy Goes Wild'' to help me document my journey towards Zero Waste and life full of adventure.

I became interested in Zero Waste after realizing that my actions leave a footprint on the environment that I love. I discovered the concept of living without trash after coming across a family of four in the US who's annual trash fits into a jam jar. There are a lot of different ways that we can choose to look after the environment and this has made a complete sense to me as I don't think that  living without foil and plastic will have a detrimental effect on my life. If anything it will probably improve it! 

 This has spurred me to try and reduce my trash one item at a time. In the process I have been discovering loads of amazing things, including the joy of living with less stuff (less cleaning for a start) and the importance of treating your environment and your body and health with more respect. There are also frustrating challenges that I am encountering on the way so I will try to be honest in my accounts and share with you the good as well as the not so nice sides of this process.

I am currently living in Sheffield (UK) which gives me great access to explore the wonderful Peak District through cycling, walking and most recently climbing. I also tend to have adventures outside of England with cycle touring being one of my favourite ways to spend my holidays. Spending quality time outdoors forms such an important part of my life that it will find a way into this blog, I am sure!

I also like to be creative and make anything from a pallet bed to homemade scrubs. :)

Have a little mooch on my website and get in touch if you have any questions, ideas or if you just want to say hi.